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We are currently launching several specialized, extremely healthy custom packaged “Seafood Snack and Lunchable” products designed to be retailed from the new “Healthy Foods Vending Machines”. The above products will be in full compliance with the new FDA Healthy Food Program for school children, from Grade School, Middle, and High Schools, across the nation.

All public schools receiving Federal Food & Lunch Program subsidies are affected, and must comply by July 1, 2014.

Unfortunately, many of our school children and young adults are becoming a part of a serious epidemic of obesity that is rapidly spreading throughout America.

We want to help curb the above noted situation by being totally prepared to provide healthy nutritious snacks and luncheon kits to those “Healthy Vending Machine” Companies catering to our public schools in America.

We are presently in the midst of a campaign that will provide us the means to establish our new custom processing & packaging facility in the Pacific Northwest Community of: Florence, Oregon.

In order to implement the above, we are currently seeking support and possible participation in our healthy foods program through two Crowd Funding entities on the Internet. You can find our prevailing campaigns on crowdsupply.com, and indiegogo.com. In consideration to those “Pledgers and Backers,” supporting our campaigns, we are providing some exceptional rewards and perquisites as exciting incentives. Some of the “optional” rewards include equity shares in our new company.

If nothing else – It could be a lot of fun cheering along with us as we attempt to reach our funding goals; to say nothing about the opportunities of becoming part of our mission as an actual participant; and even an equity partner in our company.

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Gunther Mothes

Please contact me for further details:  smokeytuna@gmail.com